As we approach another printing season, here are five important things you should take note in order to avoid costly errors in your prints. Having this in mind would not only help giving you a satisfactory print, it would also prevent you from running into debt with your printing work. This is because errors in prints cost much, especially with this present day economic circumstances:

  1. Begin your work well ahead of when you’d need it. This gives you ample time to read through, edit, plan and double check. Don’t rush to the press. Efforts that go into printing are worth to be given the best for maximum output; so don’t waste yours. Don’t put yourself in a tight corner where you’ll be too much in a hurry to get the work out. Correcting errors after a work has been printed costs more than you imagined; use a third eye.
  2. Don’t sacrifice quality, on the altar of cheap price; you’ll later regret it. In as much as you may want to compare the quotations you get for your print work, this should still be done reasonably, as many printers that are willing to offer you cheap prices, most times, end up giving you less quality than what your work deserve.
  3. Use images with good resolution. Many today are fond of using mobile phones or substandard cameras to take their pictures. Note that the kind of pictures you use for your print work has much influence on the overall output of your work. One of the ways to give your work what it takes is by using images with good resolution. Don’t be lazy about it. Relying on graphic artists to help with Adobe Photoshop is not the best. Give the best and get the best.
  4. Work with professionals and ensure that your work is well planned from the Prepress. This requires that you put all vital finishing details into consideration, such as giving enough bleed for good finishing, images that are converted well to CMYK, etc.
  5. Get good and meaningful design for your work. One thing you should keep in mind is that there are many designs competing for attention out there; so your own cannot afford to be substandard. The level at which your print work will go largely depends on the design. Let your design speak for you.

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