Our distinctive attributes are our competitive advantage; summed up in the acronym ‘STRENGTH’, they are:

Sustainable Quality: By God’s grace, Baptist Press has a record of consistent quality service delivery in print and publishing services for over fifty years.

Track Record of print services to renown and formidable clients locally and internationally such as IITA, University of Ibadan, Bowen University, Bowen University Teaching Hospital, PENGASSAN, NNPC, Evans Publishers, Oodua Printing Press, University Press Limited, Liberia Baptist Convention, Baptist College of Theology, Lagos and Oyo; Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary, Ogbomoso; Government establishment like WAEC, NECO and INEC in recent past

Reliable Proprietorship: Baptist Press boasts of reliable and recognized proprietorship -the Nigerian Baptist Convention, which is the largest Baptist body in the whole of Africa and the second largest Baptist body in the world.

Experience: With over 50 years of operation in the print and publishing industry, we have acquired a robust wealth of experience that has earned us goodwill in the marketplace. Also our staff is made up professionals with many years of experience needed to offer excellent services.

Nous: By virtue of our years of experience. We have developed ability to think and act in practical ways when critical decisions concerning our profession are to be made. This has greatly helped us in beating deadlines and living up to our promises.

Growth: Over the years, we have grown stronger by the day, through different developmental stages, weathering the storm of harsh economy, stringent government policy and other challenges on our way towards success. This great passion for growth has informed our recent rebranding efforts, from analogue of the days of yore to digital of the present day. We, however, operate on both the digital and the analogue.

Trust: Our record of consistent quality service delivery over the years has earned us a high level of trust with our clients

Hope: Today, our passion for growth remains strong. We keep working towards improving on our records and beating our achievements. This, with the ever-available support of the Almighty, gives of hope of a brighter future.