…empowerment for well-being

Since her establishment, Baptist Press has continued to empower people, especially young ones, through her Apprenticeship Life Empowerment Scheme, designed to expose as many that are willing to sound knowledge of the printing profession, through modern day quality training in printing technology.

The training curriculum is designed to include contemporary trainings that will adequately equip our apprentices to withstand the present day market demand of the sub-sector after graduation.

The following trainings are available for duration of three years:

  • Lithography (Plate-making/Pre-press)
  • Conventional Machine Printing (Kord, Sord and Sord Z)
  • Web offset printing Machine
  • Print Finishing (Sewing, Binding, Folding, etc.)

Candidates will be awarded certificate upon completion of their training.

The management may consider temporary employment for any candidate who is found to have performed satisfactorily at the end of his/her training.


For further enquiries, contact:  Administrative Dept.

0802 967 4472