…Unique Selling Point

We run both Digital and Conventional Press. The following are some of our equipment categorized according to each unit and nature of work.


…a crucial start

Since any print work begins with concept generation, we don’t underestimate the value of a well-equipped pre-press and graphics section. The Graphics section is where all our graphics and design work are done after which they are moved to the Pre-press for digital separation.

Here, we have equipment such as Plate Processor, Brand New Avalon B8 24 Computer-to-Plate (CTP) Machine.

On ground are also professionally qualified Graphic Artist.

Avalon B8 Computer To Plate (CTP) Machine: This is a digital plate-making machine, which gives a high quality CTP Imaging, delivering more jobs in less time. This equipment is the first of its kind in Ibadan and environs; it is another way Baptist Press is setting the pace in the printing industry. It produces CTP Plates of up to A1 size

Direct Imaging (DI) Machine: This equipment is suitable for your wait-and-Get Complementary Cards, Invitation Cards, Bulletin, Certificates, etc, Our Xante Impressia Digital Press delivers sharp, clean, full colour output in a jiffy. This is very fast and you can print as low as one copy at the rate of Twenty Naira depending on the volume.



Enthrone 29 Komori 4Colour Press: This is a printing machine that prints full colours at once with impression runs of about twelve thousand signatures per hour. With this 4Colour press, you are assured of sharp, clean quality prints, with high efficiency and quick response to delivery deadlines.

Manugraph M360 4Colour Tower Web Press:  This machine, which as at the time of installation was the first of its model in Nigeria, is mostly used for printing long-run and voluminous prints. Highly suitable for book publishing work and Newspaper printing, M360 4 Colour Web Press is uniquely designed to prints runs of up to Twenty five thousand impressions per hour. In addition, it does double parallel and quarter folds and it has double reels stand for double Web Printing.


Heidelberg Sord Z: This is a 2-colour conventional press that delivers with maximum efficiency.

Heidelberg Sord and Kord 64: These are One-colour conventional Presses that deliver clean and clear prints

GTO Two Colour Printing Machine: For your small size jobs such as envelopes, cards, Certificates, etc, our Grosser Tiegel Offset (GTO) Heidelberg Machine delivers them for you without stress. This press prints two colours at once.


…for a lovely finishing

Apart from paying attention to our print output, we also place a high premium on our Post Press and finishing.

In this section of our press are diverse print finishing equipment which include:

  • 3 automatic sewing machines for book production.
  • 7-clamp and two single-clamp binding machines for book binding.
  • Industrial Laminating Machines.
  • Book Stitching machines.
  • Adana foiling machine for inscribing text on hard covers.
  • Creasing machine for smooth cover creasing.
  • Polar 115 Automatic Cutting Machine and Heidelberg cutting machines: These two are used for cutting and trimming of papers. Very essential for smooth start and finishing.
  • 2 Folding Machines from Stahl and MBO.
  • Muller Maitini Six Stations gang stitching machine for complete book line saddle stitching.
  • 3-Knife Cutting machine.